Banquet room policies

  • A nonrefundable fee of $100.00 is required to hold the room for you on a specific date.  Saturday and Sunday afternoon events will require an additional $50.00 per hour room fee.
  • You will have the room for 3 hours
  • You may come in 1 hour prior to your event to decorate (with advanced notice). We ask that you do not attach anything to the walls and have no confetti.
  • Use of the banquet room does not include the patio.
  • If your event is on a Friday or Saturday night and you have less than 45 people than you will be sharing the room.
  • On a Saturday afternoon all events must be done by 4pm.
  • There is a 21% gratuity added to all bills using the banquet room.
  • You need a minimum of 30 people to have a buffet.
  • If you have 45 or less people you have the option of ordering from a 3 choice limited menu.  ( see limited menu)
  • If you have less than 25 you have the option of doing a limited menu or ordering directly from the regular menu.
  • All groups over 25 people will be on 1 check.